The outside world is definitely not a dull place. It’s full of amazing art works just about everywhere you look. Some are nature’s doing, and some are of human creation. Here are some of the best art done in public…                  

Open Your Eyes And You Will See Awesome Art Everywhere!

How the heck do you draw on a small iphone screen? These people must have some tiny hands or something. Here’s how most draw with their iphones… More awesome iphone drawings.                             Enjoyed these? Share with all of your […]

Mind Blowing Drawings Made On The iPhone (15 Pics)

Berlin Based Artists Dye birds in an effort to change people’s perception of them being considered the ‘rats of the sky’. Without harming the feathered critters, charriere and bismarck (the artists) sprayed them with a specially created paint dye just for them. Now these beautiful and colorful pigeons will be more accepted by those traveling […]

Artists Paint Pigeons (Rats Of The Sky) to Make Them ...

40 Awesomely Weirdly Awesome Soaps Art. I’m not sure how they create these soap art, but it’s so darn real that I cannot distinguish the difference between soap and the real thing! Be careful though, because some of the food you see soon are 100% soap, and are definitely not edible […]

40 Awesomely Weird Soap Art That Are So Creepily Real!

Do you like art? Some art can be quite boring, like an old painting, or the ones with a bunch of cubes and dots that just don’t make any sense. Well, these trick-art are different, they are fun, and you can actually interact with them….

30 Brilliant Pictures at The Trick Art Museum

Eating an Oreo with milk is one of the simple pleasures in life. The cookie is not just yummy in taste but you can also make really cool art designs with it. Yes,  check out these pictures below if you don’t believe me… Lick to Make your own art. Do try […]

The 10 Most Coolest OREO Art designs

In this age of digital art and HD photos, pencil drawings can still hold an important place. Photography has been discovered about just a century ago, but pencil drawings or has existed for many centuries more. The artist Ben Heine is well known for his unique visual creations and outstanding sense of humor. […]

25 Insanely Cool Pencil Drawings Vs Photography

Are you a Batman Joker fan? It doesn’t matter, you’ll be simply impressed with these 20 amazing fan art. There is a vein of cruelty that runs through most of what the Joker does. He never goes the easy route, though. He is not the “shoot you in the head” […]

Some Really Amazing Batman’s Joker Fan Art (20 Pics)

In 1933, Max Fleischer launched a fictional animated cartoon series Popeye the Sailor. Sadly, Max never really saw how big of an achievement Popeye has made today. It was a very popular cartoon show in the 90’s; and his tricks of conveying the message that eating vegetables make people stronger was the reason why kids ate […]

The Coolest Popeye Art (14 Pics)

You’ve probably never even heard of chin art, have you? Well, be prepared to be in for quite a surprise! Here’s a Hilarious collection of the best Chin Art you will ever encounter on the internet….        

Mind Blowing Creative Chin Art – Holy Cow! (27 Pics)

Are I gotta say is that these street artist should be paid to do this… 25 awesome Street Art photos.                                                  

Awesome Street Art At It’s Best (25 Pics)