I am guilty of hitting that snooze button every morning.  Trying to find excuses to stay asleep for just a little longer. If only I can use that same mentality “…for just a little longer” on the right things like working out for just a little longer. The right way […]

Motivation For Lazy People To Wake Up & Get Things ...

Grilling is awesome. A summer BBQ with steak, hot dogs, corn, and down it all with good ol beer. But did you know? There are a bunch of other things you can slap on the grill as well that actually taste good and quite healthy for you? Check these out… flick_Mike […]

5 Oddly Awesome Things You Never Realized You Could Grill

Here are some creative ways to open a can of food without a can opener. Great for surviving a zombie apocalypse. How to open a small tuna can. How to open a can with a spoon. How to open a normal can with your bare hands. You’re gonna need a […]

How to Open a Can – Big and Small Without ...

Here are some of your favorite famous tv shows and what their floor plans actually look like… Friends   I Love Lucy Mary Tyler Moore Bewitched Batman The Jeffersons The Flintstones    

What Famous TV Shows Floor Plans Look Like

Whether you’re already a wine connoisseur or simply learning how to drink wine for the first time, these tips will make you sound like a wine expert in no time. A good way to learn about wine quickly or to acquire the tongue of a wine expert is to try […]

How to Drink Wine – Tips to Make You Sound ...

With trial and error there’s approximately over 64,000 combinations for a standard combination lock. So if you forgot your combination lock code, don’t worry, there’s an easy way to pick it open by creating a homemade shim out of a soda can. Watch the video to see how to pick […]

How to Pick a Combination Lock With a Homemade Soda ...

Some people got really creative and decided to turn their desktop background wallpaper to match their actual real background. You’ll see what I mean…                  

21 Jaw Dropping Desktop Wallpaper Illusions

People on the internet LOVE to argue, troll, and disagree over just about everything. But these 15 things you’ll about to see, you’ll probably agree with most if not all of them…The last one is epic…          

15 Things You Will Want to Agree With 100%

Thankfully, the internet allows us to see these cool places around the world right from our bedrooms… London UK  Westminister Abbey Persepolis Iran Ancient ruins of the Achaemenid Empire from over 2,500 years ago Tehran Iran Fresh pistachios is a favored snack in Iran! Kunming China Jing Bi Gate Beijing […]

A Trip Around The World – The Weird – Cool ...

Mother Nature never fails to amaze us. Check out these awesome photos and be inspired… The Majesty Of The Dalsnibba Mountain, Norway Dolomites in South Tyrol, Italy Hamilton Pool, near Austin, TX Joshua Tree National Park Cabos San Lucas, Mexico Wineglass Bay, Tasmania Maroon Bells, Colorado Monument Valley: Navajo Tribal Park, […]

21 Of The Most Awe Inspiring Nature Photos

The world is full of complications. Why make things so difficult to understand? Here are some of the toughest things in science and other areas of smart people, explained cleverly in simple language of just 10 words or less. The different between poison and venom.  Bitten and you die = […]

Some Really Complicated Things Explained In 10 Words or Less

Cupcakes can be pretty messy when eating them. (michellerosephotography) Here’s a clean and gentlemanly way to eat a cupcake without getting cupcake all over your face and looking like a clown.

How to Eat a Cupcake The Right Way

Here’s yet another series of feel-good photos that will brighten up your day. In this group of photos, you’ll see some adorable little furry friends with little girls, grown man, and other humans.              

True Love Between Humans and Animals (Photos)