Some of the most mind boggling, coolest, and weirdest facts. Some of these are so unbelievable that you’ll probably will never forget them. Be prepared for some awesome brain food… Did you know that the strongest muscle in the human body is your tongue?

Mind Boggling Facts – The Last One is Unforgettable!

So you spend a lot of time on the internet (like most people), you watch youtube videos, read funny stuff, tweet, chat, etc. But it’s not all a waste of time. Once in a while you actually learn some new things without even knowing it. And someday, knowing some of […]

25 Most Useful Things You’ve Learned On The Internet, Without ...

Most of the oceans have never been touched or even seen by mankind. There are some really weird creatures down there that have been spotted… Imagine all of the other creatures that have never been seen!? SCARY! Thanks for viewing!  

The Strangest Creatures Of The Deep Sea

Interviewing the people from the greatest city on earth, New York City. I’m sure your city is cool too, but NYC is just more famous and there’re a lot more TV shows about NYC then your city. Fight over. Enjoy…


If you like the swiss army knife, then you will definitely like the swiss case for your smartphone… Cool right!? Now go buy two of these, one for yourself and another to save as a gift for someone else when the occasion (birthday gift) arises..  

The Coolest iphone Swiss Case Ever

Back then when the internet wasn’t around or having a camera phone at your finger tips; people were still people, they took funny & bizarre  photos of animals and their pets. If these photos were taken today, they would surely go viral too…               […]

27 Crazy Vintage Photos Of Animals From The Past