Snacking On Spiders Ever heard of that horrifying so called fact that, on average, any given person swallows approximately eight live spiders in his or her sleep over the course of a lifetime, or even a year? Well you don’t have to start setting up fancy mosquito netting in your […]

The Truth Behind Eating Spiders While You Are Sleeping

8 Animal Myths Dispelled, I cannot believe that, what I’ve learned during my childhood years were all lies! Today you hear the truth about these animal misconceptions. Thanks for reading the truth.  

8 Animal Myths Dispelled – Shocking!

Hollywood has given many hints of the future and helped science to think beyond the limits. Everything shown in the movies are not exactly possible, at least not yet. But, with our rapid growth in technology, we are not so much further from seeing flying cars and walking robots (androids) on the […]

15 Incredible Science Discoveries We Only See in The Movies

This is yet another random post. A slow day at work I suppose. Here, enjoy some creative bath tub stoppers…                              

16 Awesomely Creative Bath Tub Stoppers

You like cute little animals, well here are the top 15 of the world’s smallest animals. And NO! We’re not talking about insects or some microscopic creatures…. Philippine Tarsier Hippocampus Denise Seahorse Pygmy Marmoset Thumbelina, World’s Smallest Horse Peewee, World’s Smallest Hamster Ducky, World’s Smallest Dog Mr. Peebles, World’s Smallest […]

The Top 15 of The World’s Smallest Animals

A hoax is an attempt to trick an audience into believing that something false is real. Hoaxes aren’t just for the modern age—a couple of hundred years ago people seemed to make an art of it. We came up with a selection of the 11 Most Bizarre Hoaxes People Actually […]

11 Most Bizarre & Famous Hoaxes People Actually Believed In

You know that awkward moment when you and a stranger are walking towards each other but need to get pass each other and you get confused and end up making a left to right dance? Not for me! When I walk through large crowds of people, to avoid walking into […]

14 Excellent Mind Tricks to Get What You Want