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Life Saving Interesting Facts To Know About (Images)

Welcome to the almighty North Korea, a reclusive country that doesn’t give a crap about anyone. The country that loves making threats and bluffing it’s way through everything. So… what’s life like? David Guttenfelder visited this majestic country and snapped up a bunch of photos. I’m sure some of these photos […]

Surprising Forbidden Photos of Life in North Korea…

What’s really cool and useless at the same time, these upcoming 22 mind-blowing facts! Get ready to spend the next 5 minutes of your life learning these awesome useless facts…   Male giraffes headbutt female giraffes in the bladder until she urinates. The male giraffe will then taste the urine […]

22 Cool But Otherwise Useless Facts to Blow Your Mind!

Here’s the bar trick challenge. With just a dollar bill, how can you make it so that the dollar bill can hold up a shot glass. This is a pretty neat bar trick that is surely gonna drive some people nuts trying to figure it out. Have fun. Watch the […]

Cool Bar Trick – How to Hold Up a Shot ...

These are not your everyday tattoos. These tattoos serves a bigger purpose then just artwork on your skin. These creative tattoo designs when put together with other physical features, come together to create something even more special. Music to my ears. Popeye hand.Looking through a pirate telescope.

People Getting a Little TOO Creative With Their Tattoo Designs

Whatever the heck happened to mapquest? Oh yeah! Google Maps came along and took over. Google Maps is probably one of the most useful things on your phone. Besides, looking up directions, Google Maps has these pretty cool and weird facts you did not know or just don’t care…

25 Weird Facts You Did Not Know About Google Maps

Today’s post is about self improving life-hacks. We normally post funny and awesome things to make our readers laugh. After all, laughter is the best medicine. But, seriously, you should consider doing some of these life-hacks alongside of the laughter…

25 Simple Life-Hacks To Make You Healthier & Live Better!