Auto insurance is a big part of being a responsible vehicle owner and also a requirement for drivers. Nevertheless, auto insurance policies appear to be composed in the most perplexing terms possible. Below are some simple tips to help you save some money by showing you how to get cheaper […]

How to Get Cheaper Auto Insurance Rates – Save Money

Think you have a dead car battery? Before going out and spending around $100 replacing a car battery, why not try to clean the batter first. Battery corrosion, formed by acid condensation can prevent your car from starting up properly. Good thing is that it can be cleaned with a […]

Dead car battery? Try to Clean Your Car Battery First

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Managers Be Like

When a dude with his side chick see his main bitch in traffic!

Hiding in car

Blizzards are dangerous but these jackasses are worse!

Blizzard Car

He kept pressing his alarm clicker in the air, So I kept beeping my horn!

Unable to Find Car

Every person that has a car knows that it is a love-hate relationship. Your car can be the greatest thing in the world, but when it has problems, the friendship can quickly fall apart. Some people mend this relationship by getting their cars repaired by the pros, while others handle it in […]

15 Most Creative Ways: People Fix Their Own Cars