Think your house is boring? Yeah, it probably is boring looking, along with 99.99% of all the houses in the world. Then there are the few houses that are super weird looking, like these 35 extremely bizarre-looking houses around the world…

35 Extremely Bizarre-Looking Houses Around The World

Do you like science? Of course you do. Science is what’s gonna allow the human race to continue on living. So let’s give science a big thumbs up and enjoy these cool science facts…. (If you are wondering about the loneliest whale in the world, it’s on the next page, […]

I Love Freaking Science – A Vertical Forest & The ...

Sometimes you just need a little excitement in your life. You can do this by living dangerously, not the kind where you’re in a car chase from police, but the kind where you do things on the edge of ordinary…

How People Like to Live Dangerously (25 Photos)

What’s more scary, haunted houses or haunted roads? There’s a whole lot more haunted houses, hospitals, and prisons, than there are of haunted roads. But all can equally be just as creepy…      

Top 10 Most Famous Haunted Roads Around The World

Ships are cool. Sometimes you probably wonder how such humongous things can actually float on water. Anyways,no physics lesson here. Enjoy… the 25 amazing photos of giant ships and floating things…

25 Amazing Photos of Giant Ships

22 Examples Of The Most Weirdest Glasses Ever. Some are just plain useless and some are quite strange and cool in a way. I don’t know about you, but the last one in this list is the single coolest pair of sunglasses I’ve ever seen…           […]

22 of The Weirdest Glasses You’ve Ever Seen! (Photos)

WOW! COOL! I did not know dogs get their nails done just like humans do. Just don’t ruin your dog nails by running in dirt, grass, the park, or anywhere outside. Just stay there in one place and be cool. Please don’t try this with male dogs. They have pride too. […]

Awesome Dog Nail Art (27 Pics)

Do you like art? Some art can be quite boring, like an old painting, or the ones with a bunch of cubes and dots that just don’t make any sense. Well, these trick-art are different, they are fun, and you can actually interact with them….

30 Brilliant Pictures at The Trick Art Museum

Don’t take the human body for granted. There are some really  REALLY incredible things that our bodies can do that will really surprised you. Go ahead, read on and be amazed at the human body… You may like 22 Useful Tips To Make Your Body Healthy When ever your eyes […]

Discover The Extraordinary Facts About The Human Body

Out of all the huge successes you see in famous people, there were probably MANY failures that you didn’t know about them… Isaac Newton Albert einstein Walt disney Akio Morita – Owner of Sony Bill Gates Elvis Presley Stan smith John London Stephen king Henry ford

25 Unknown Failures Of Famous People