In this age of digital art and HD photos, pencil drawings can still hold an important place. Photography has been discovered about just a century ago, but pencil drawings or has existed for many centuries more. The artist Ben Heine is well known for his unique visual creations and outstanding sense of humor. […]

25 Insanely Cool Pencil Drawings Vs Photography

Animals wearing people clothes is cute and all, but if it was up to me, I’ll put them all in super hero costumes. Way COOLER!                         So if you have pets, put them in a super hero costume, take […]

Animals Dressed in Super Hero Costumes

Sometimes you see a photo on the web with a caption or a meme pic; and you say to yourself that you can think of something 100x more clever and funny? Well, here’s your chance. Today, you come up with the captions to all of these pics below. Compete with […]

CAPTION THIS Contest: You Got What it Takes…?

Ants are ubiquitous, they are literally everywhere! You’ve probably never even though about looking closely at ants. Why would you? But, they are amazingly quite beautiful up close in macro view. You’ll see son enough. Here Are Some Amazing Facts about Ants: The average life expectancy of an ant is […]

50 Mind-Blowing Macro Photographs of Ants