Some really cool animals that are real and yet you’ve probably never even heard about. You may like Awwducational (25 Images) The Saiga Antelope Club-winged Manakin makes a pinging sound with its wings. Chinese Water deer are two-foot tall deer with big ol’ vampire fangs Pyura Chilensis is an […]

Strange and Weird Animals That You Didn’t Know Exist!

In 1933, Max Fleischer launched a fictional animated cartoon series Popeye the Sailor. Sadly, Max never really saw how big of an achievement Popeye has made today. It was a very popular cartoon show in the 90’s; and his tricks of conveying the message that eating vegetables make people stronger was the reason why kids ate […]

The Coolest Popeye Art (14 Pics)

If you like the swiss army knife, then you will definitely like the swiss case for your smartphone… Cool right!? Now go buy two of these, one for yourself and another to save as a gift for someone else when the occasion (birthday gift) arises..  

The Coolest iphone Swiss Case Ever

Dear Cool People, They didn’t name a candy after you.. Did they? Sincerely Nerds.

Dear Cool People