If you ask most kids what is Amazon, they may possibly reply that it is a huge shopping site online. But the REAL AMAZON is also huge and actually really really incredible. Check out these amazing facts about the Amazon Rainforest. You May Like 30 Cute Animal Facts To Know […]

Amazing Facts and Figures of The Amazon Rainforest

Ice cream is yummy and ordinary to most people. However, there are some crazy facts about ice cream that you may not know of. Here are the most interesting ice cream facts….Enjoy. You May Like 25+ Humorous Mind Boggling Facts Before milk based ice creams were introduced in 10th century, […]

The most Interesting Ice Cream Facts You’ve Never Heard Of…

Some of the most mind boggling, coolest, and weirdest facts. Some of these are so unbelievable that you’ll probably will never forget them. Be prepared for some awesome brain food… Did you know that the strongest muscle in the human body is your tongue?

Mind Boggling Facts – The Last One is Unforgettable!

  The brain is a magnificent piece of work in the human body. Nobody really knows how the brain really operates, maybe… magic? Here are 25 mind-blowing facts about the brain…

25 Amazing Facts About Your Brain

Do you like science? Of course you do. Science is what’s gonna allow the human race to continue on living. So let’s give science a big thumbs up and enjoy these cool science facts…. (If you are wondering about the loneliest whale in the world, it’s on the next page, […]

I Love Freaking Science – A Vertical Forest & The ...

Out of all the huge successes you see in famous people, there were probably MANY failures that you didn’t know about them… Isaac Newton Albert einstein Walt disney Akio Morita – Owner of Sony Bill Gates Elvis Presley Stan smith John London Stephen king Henry ford

25 Unknown Failures Of Famous People