Grilling is awesome. A summer BBQ with steak, hot dogs, corn, and down it all with good ol beer. But did you know? There are a bunch of other things you can slap on the grill as well that actually taste good and quite healthy for you? Check these out… flick_Mike […]

5 Oddly Awesome Things You Never Realized You Could Grill

Here are some creative ways to open a can of food without a can opener. Great for surviving a zombie apocalypse. How to open a small tuna can. How to open a can with a spoon. How to open a normal can with your bare hands. You’re gonna need a […]

How to Open a Can – Big and Small Without ...

The obvious way to treat allergies (hay fever) is to take some kind of allergy medication. The disadvantage to using such medications are the side effects, not to mention you have to keep on using them for allergy relief. For those who don’t want to take allergy medications for the […]

Natural Remedies for Allergy Relief – Onions and Peppers

Cupcakes can be pretty messy when eating them. (michellerosephotography) Here’s a clean and gentlemanly way to eat a cupcake without getting cupcake all over your face and looking like a clown.

How to Eat a Cupcake The Right Way

The tomato is truly a superfruit containing a whole lot of nutrients & antioxidants. Eating a tomato everyday its just extremely good for you and can cure & prevent a host of diseases as well: Helps prevent heart disease Lowers hypertension Some researchers say tomatoes can even prevent cancer! Tomatoes […]

A Tomato a Day Can Keep The Doctor Away Too!