The 10 Weirdest Ice Cream Flavors Ever

Not all ice cream flavors are created equal. Not all flavors are delicious; and some sound quite disgusting, that is, until you actually try it…

1- Horse Meat Ice Cream

This Japanese delicacy is absolutely the epitome of great ice cream flavor. This ice cream is so good that in the great horsemeat ice cream shortage of 1900, there is a documented case of the villagers chasing down wild horses and licking them to death. That is how good it is. Called Basashi (Why does every thing eaten raw in Japan has the letters shi in it?) There are little chunks of raw horseflesh in the ice cream that gives it a unique flavor that is second to none, hence, the number one spot on our list.


2- Ox Tongue Ice Cream

Different cultures have different ideas of what ox tongue actually is. In China, for example, ox tongue is simply a dough spiced and baked, rolled out in the shape of a tongue. In North America, ox tongue is actually cow tongue. Judging by the top cover i think the second one is a sure bet. Anyway, if you feel the urge for some delicious ice cream, try it and see for yourself.


3- Garlic Ice Cream

A favorite of the Japanese Vampire hunter, this unique flavor may have been invented by the Italian Explorer, Vanito Helsingino, a direct descendent of the Vampire hunter, Van Helsing. Either that, or someone with really thick glasses grabbed the garlic powder instead of the sprinkles and the taste stuck. Regardless, garlic ice cream can be smelled from as far as three city blocks away so if you like garlic ice cream, just follow your nose. This flavor comes highly recommended as a spaghetti dinner desert.


4- Pit Viper Ice Cream

The deadliest form of ice cream known to man, Pit Viper Ice Cream tastes great. The danger is in harvesting the fast little suckers and then convincing them to get into the grinder. As a general rule, a pit viper would rather kill you as to look at you. Fortunately, the “pit” in pit viper stands for the unique indent between their eyes that allows the deadly snake to “see” an image of their prey from special sensors that detect body heat and convert in into a clear picture. To catch them, the chef covers his entire body with ice cream, allowing him to sneak up on them. If you believe that, I have a bridge for sale that you might be interested in.


5. Indian Curry Ice Cream

Indian Curry ice cream, not to be mistaken with Hautes Glaces is a very delectable treat made with, among other ingredients, Japans version of the original Indian Curry. To get an idea of what this tastes like without actually eating it, (or smelling it as it is very aromatic, to be kind) Japanese curry is usually used in the brown sauce that is served poured over most Japanese rice dishes. If that does not help, imagine licking a sweaty Indian Sumo Wrestler, which is why this came in at number five.