Some myths are just too weird, too expensive, or just impossible to prove or bust. What do you think of these highly strange myths…? Oh yeah, the last myth will surely get you! Does a F1 car really generate so much downforce to drive on the ceiling?   Phone, Alcohol, or Marijuana. Which is the […]

Strange Myths That Mythbusters Should Test – The Last One ...

Young girls are obsessed with having a thigh gap.. I blame the impossible body standards set by Spongebob!

Spongebob Body

Animals wearing people clothes is cute and all, but if it was up to me, I’ll put them all in super hero costumes. Way COOLER!                         So if you have pets, put them in a super hero costume, take […]

Animals Dressed in Super Hero Costumes

The last meal is the last thing one shall ever eat. So, it should be your favorite food or the most expensive food you can think of to eat before you go on your eternal journey. Here are some Absolutely Bizarre Last Meals By Prisoners           […]

Some Absolutely Bizarre: Last Meals By Prisoners

Want to feel old? Well, here are 20 of your favorite cartoon characters and their real age by now if they actually age through the years. These were taken some years ago, so the age are not 100%, but still you’ll feel old either way. Enjoy…         […]

How Old Would Your Favorite Cartoon Characters Be By Now? ...

Following the law is the right thing to do. But what if the law is just so crazy, so stupid, would you still follow them? Check out these 12 weirdest laws ever!                         You too must follow the internet […]

12 Really Weird Laws That Are Just Plain Crazy!