When traveling, we are rushing to see noisy metropolis where life is extremely boiling. However, sometimes it is worth to stray into much calmer, but no less interesting abandoned villages. Most of the ghost towns are braided with mysterious myths, which, unfortunately, we cannot confirm or deny.

To do this by yourself, you will have to stop by at these five most impressive ghost towns we are going to talk about bellow.

1. The world’s hottest mine


Dallol town which is located in one of the Ethiopian deserts was created in the early twentieth century to extract salt. However, work conditions here were not very favorable – the average temperature of the year was around 93°F.

Hard work did not seem to be very attractive for locals, so the area eventually got empty: the last population left the town at the beginning of the 1970s.

Now the town, which is all covered with ruins and rusting cars, can be reached by a camel. After a long journey, this desert city appears like a fascinating, but an unpleasant mirage.

2. A futuristic city accompanied by disasters


In the northern part of Taiwan, we come to San Zhi town which looks like a forgotten space base.

It was planned that in San Zhi, futuristic luxury resortd should be built, but because of frequent accidents and the number of suicides, the construction was suspended.

It may be that disasters have accompanied this place because of the fact that here hundreds of Dutch soldiers were buried. Now San Zhi is visited only by those tourists, who are looking for extreme experiences.

3. Mosque untouched by war


Once prosperous Azerbaijan’s Agdam town was home for more than 150 thousand of people, but the Nagorno-Karabakh war significantly changed the area.

Despite the fact that no bloody battles took place there, many locals moved to other cities, or even Iran because of terror they were suffering.

Among the ruined walls lays untouched by time mosque, which has become a number one spot for tourists and graffiti painters.

4. Flea markets’ paradise


In Russia, there is no shortage of abandoned towns, but Kadykchan deserves the spot on this list for sure.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union coal mines that existed here were shut down, so electricity and water were disconnected for the population, and people were simply told to move out in just two weeks.

Locals, who abandoned the city so quickly, left plenty of items. So in the buildings, you can find and see a multitude of toys, books, dishes or even dusty turntables.

5. Failed Chinese project in Africa


New Kilamba city in Angola can be called massive, but failed Chinese investment in Africa.

Designed in the way, that here half a million people would be able to live, the town remained empty, because the country does not have strong middle-class individuals who were capable of buying those new apartments. 

The be fair, despite the fact here you won’t find tons of people in the streets, this settlement doesn’t look like taken from a horror movie – 750 brightly-colored buildings gives a bit of life to this city.

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