Gold is one of the most interesting elements of the earth, which, moreover, is associated with a high value. Gold and its alloys used making coins, jewelry, and medals. It is also utilized in the electronics industry, because gold is electro-conductive, corrosion resistant, and it is a great material to manufacture quickly even the finest conductors.

Today, we offer you a chance to get to know a few more interesting facts about this precious metal! Enjoy!


  1. From one ton of old mobile phones, you can get more gold than from one ton of gold ore. In fact, your smartphone probably has a bit of gold in it as well, but don’t try to get it from there – your phone won’t work without this precious metal.
  2. If we would extract the entire gold which now rests in the ocean depths, every person in the world will receive around 8 pounds of this amazing metal.  
  3. Hungarian chemist, George Charles de Hevesy(1885 to 1966), wanted to hide German physicist Max von Laue’s (1879-1960) and James Franck’s (1882-1964) gold medals from Nazis, who collected gold for military purposes. De Hevesy decided to melt those medals to hide their primary objective. The good thing was that after the war medals were cast in again.
  4. Do you know why sailors often wore gold earrings? If their boat would sink and their corpse was stranded on the shore, earrings would serve as a mean of payment for the fact that sailors would be buried according to Christian traditions.
  5. The Olympic gold medal has only 1 percent of gold in it.
  6. Dubai has special ATM, which gives people not money, but solid pieces of gold.
  7. The biggest part of Eart’sh gold came from meteorites which bombarded our planet then it was still very young. For the same reason, it is believed, that the earth’s core has a lot of gold too. This precious metal also got there when our planet started to form.
  8. Ice cream testers, in order to avoid an unpleasant metallic taste that remains after conventional spoons, uses gold spoons to eat those delicious cold desserts.
  9. Once upon a time aluminum was considered as the most precious metal in the world. Back then, wealthy people ate from an aluminum dish, while the poor from gold ones.
  10. Chinese prisoners are forced to “look for” gold in “World of Warcraft” game. According to some sources, there are approximately 100 000 virtual gold seekers in China.
  11. Gold is edible. In the food industry, gold is used as a product which gives food’s surface metallic color.
  12. Three Olympic swimming pools can easily fit all gold which was dug during human’s history. By the way, almost half of that gold was excavated in one place – the Witwatersrand in South
  13. Indian housewives own approximately 11 percent of the total world’s gold. This is more than the US’s, Switzerland’s, Germany’s and the International Monetary Fund’s gold combined.
  14. Our body contains about 0.2 mg of gold. Most of that – in the blood, so don’t get overexcited!
  15. Because of its ductility, gold thread scan is used for embroidery. In India, gold is used to sew women’s clothing (SARI).
  16. Gold is 19 times denser than water, so a bucket of gold weights around 418
  17. The Aztecs called gold “gods’ wastes.” 
  18. It is estimated that gold slows down aging and makes a body more alive. While a golden chain hanging from the neck has a positive effect on heart rate as well. So – if you don’t have any gold jewelry yet, and your beloved person doesn’t have it either and is suffering from bad heart rate – get yourself and him a beautiful gold necklace. And gold won’t be that expensive, if you, for instance, shop for it with these Macy’s promo codes.

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