Back then when the internet wasn’t around or having a camera phone at your finger tips; people were still people, they took funny & bizarre  photos of animals and their pets. If these photos were taken today, they would surely go viral too…               […]

27 Crazy Vintage Photos Of Animals From The Past

We all know that the sky can bestow rain, snow, among other naturally normal things. But here are some of the most bizarre things to have fallen from above… Nondairy whitener: In Chester, South Carolina, the falling of cream for coffee falling from the sky was a usual occurrence. This happened […]

10 Totally Bizarre Things That Have Fallen From The Sky

WOW! Whoever invented the auto-correct on your smart phone is pure genius. Because I know the guy that created this wonderful technology knows that millions of people will suffer from auto-correct fails and have these awkward text conversations. These will also bring many laughters. Bravo to you sir, bravo.     […]

20 Ridiculously Hilarious Auto-Correct Fails

Actors need to survive when making a movie, so they let their stuntman do all of the dangerous scenes. Rarely does an actor do anything on the set that would put his life at risk…. unless you’re the last actor on this page.

Some Famous Celebrity Doubles & Stuntman (Photos)

Change is needed for things to survive, otherwise “it” will died out… you know go extinct. So evolution is a good thing, or suppose to be a good thing. But in some cases, evolution is making things worst…    

The Evolution of Things! It’s Not Looking so Good…

Sometimes you just need a little excitement in your life. You can do this by living dangerously, not the kind where you’re in a car chase from police, but the kind where you do things on the edge of ordinary…

How People Like to Live Dangerously (25 Photos)

And you thought your job suck. What you’re about to see is totally insane, up the elephant’s butthole crazyily insane! Check it…                 Know someone with a crappy job? Send them this… it’ll make them feel a whole lot better. Unless your friend […]

9 of The Most Oddest WTF Jobs in The World!

Taking exams sucks, we all hate it. When it comes to those really difficult questions, something we just don’t have a clue on how to answer. Well… what to do in this case? Let’s make the most of it, like these test takers did. They came up with some clever […]

Some Really Creative & Funny Exam Answers