Some Really Amazing Batman’s Joker Fan Art (20 Pics)

Are you a Batman Joker fan? It doesn’t matter, you’ll be simply impressed with these 20 amazing fan art.

There is a vein of cruelty that runs through most of what the Joker does. He never goes the easy route, though. He is not the “shoot you in the head” type of villain. No, if he wanted to shoot you in the head, he would GET INSIDE your head. He would do something to break you, and then mail you a gun and a single bullet and a nude picture of your Mom. That is just how the Joker works. He may want to get from A to C, but you know he is going to skip B entirely, and reroute the whole plan from Z on backwards.

That is what I love about him. He has a goal, and it may seem simple, but how he plans to get there is nothing short of twisted genius. Well, you’ll see…

DA Da DA Da Da Batman…!

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