People see advertisements every single moment of their lives: watching TV, driving down the road, and practically going anywhere and seeing anything.We are used to it, but sometimes the advertisements are so good that it is no longer just another ad…

21 of The Most Clever Advertisements

Playing video games is one of the most popular pastimes in the world. Anyone can relax and play a game by themselves or team up and play with friends. Playing games has its wins and fails…and that’s not just in the games.

Game On! Gamer Wins & Fails (28 Pics & 5 ...

Want to be a zombie? DIY Zombie costume tutorial. Just Follow these 9 Steps to get that zombie look.             Know someone that loves zombie movies and TV shows…AHEM (Walking Dead!) , share this post.

Do-It-Yourself Zombie Costume Tutorial

10 Absolutely Pointless Inventions. Sometimes an invention is so useless that it becomes a part of our laughter, and that alone was well worth it. Oh yeah, the last invention seen on this post is something young girls really adores but hated by pretty much everyone else. I’m not sure why, you’ll […]

10 of The Most Useless Inventions

High School textbooks truly inspire many fine artists of our times. Here are 25 pics of clever drawings from inside various textbooks.                      

Hilarious TextBook Drawings (25 Pics)

Do any one of these things and you’ll surely be internet famous. 1. Do something really, really stupid 2. Let your mates convince you to jump into a ‘puddle’ 3. Film your dog doing something stupid 4. Film your cat doing something stupid 5. Film yourself and your cat being […]

How To Become Internet Famous (17 Gifs)

Adults! Are you trying to be creative withyour Halloween costumes. Need some Halloween costume ideas? Take a look at these funny Halloween costumes for kids and babies.                                                  […]

30 Funny Halloween Costumes For Kids And Babies