10 Totally Bizarre Things That Have Fallen From The Sky

We all know that the sky can bestow rain, snow, among other naturally normal things. But here are some of the most bizarre things to have fallen from above…

Nondairy whitener: In Chester, South Carolina, the falling of cream for coffee falling from the sky was a usual occurrence. This happened as a nearby factory manufacturing this product (Cremora) had some problem with their exhaust system. When blocked, clouds of non-dairy creamer would come out in the air and get mixed with rain and snow. This would pelt down on people causing this to happen.
1-Nondairy whitener

Golf balls: This kind of rain may seem like a blessing to those players who love golf. The golf ball rain was caused by a passing tornado which managed to draw water from a golf filled pond near a golf course and caused it to rain once the tornado subsided and that too at another place.

2-Golf balls

Spiders: This may sound like your worst nightmare, but this is what happened to Erick Reis from Santo Antonio da Platina. Reis who was a videographer, happened to catch this phenomenon on his camera. This event was explained as Anelosimus eximius species who hang on trees and spin their webs; a strong wind could have caused the webs to break and send the spiders falling down.

Human body: Imagine the shock that Mary Fuller of San Diego and her toddler of eight months must have gotten when a body came crashing through the windshield of her car in the parking lot. The body was traced back to the collusion of two flights which had killed 144 passengers.
4-Human body

Cow: You may have heard of the expression of having a cow, but these guys from Japan literally had a cow sink their boat. Nobody believed their story, but a few weeks later it was confirmed sheepishly by the Russian Air Force that a stolen cow had caused a ruckus when it was being flown and had pushed it out causing this bizarre incident.

Frog: While theologically this occurrence is considered a portent for bad things to happen, there is a more plausible explanation for a frog rain. Simply put this occurs due to tornadoes which occur over a water body, where the frogs are present. The water funnel that forms will also suck the frogs into the whirlwind. Once the winds have moved and ultimately settle down, it will cause the frogs to hurtle down and making it seem like a rain of frogs.

Meat: Something that looked like pieces of beef where seen to be raining on the yard of Allen Crouch. When tasted by a few brave people it was assumed to be game meat. After a proper study the meat was identified as horse flesh or that of a child. The conclusion was the a group of turkey vultures had consumed this meat and when flying overhead one of them had ejected the meat and the others had done the same as is normal behavior for them.

Worms: Two different incidents of worm rains occurred in United Kingdom at the Galashiels Academy, specifically to David Crichton’s class, to a woman in Jennings, Louisiana. The cause for the incident in UK was never clearly found and the incident in Louisiana was attributed to water spouts due to tornadoes.

Money: We all wish that money would fall out of the sky and it happened in Bourges, France when Francs fell out of the sky and once again dollars fell from the sky in Chicago. Other incidents include one in England in 1968 and 1975.9-Money

Blood: The residents of a La Sierra Choco in Columbia saw blood raining down on them. Tests confirmed that it was indeed blood and it was believed by the priest of the town that it was sign for sinners to change their ways.