22 Cool But Otherwise Useless Facts to Blow Your Mind!

What’s really cool and useless at the same time, these upcoming 22 mind-blowing facts! Get ready to spend the next 5 minutes of your life learning these awesome useless facts…


Male giraffes headbutt female giraffes in the bladder until she urinates. The male giraffe will then taste the urine to see if he can mate with her.


Around 35% of the population of Mexico City suffers from irritable bowel syndrome.


Spoons cause more dead people then shark attacks. Per year 6 people die on a shark attack but 10 people die because they swallowed their spoon.


Australia is drifting North at the rate of about 8cm a year


The tip on the end of a shoelace is called an aglet.


The state fish of Hawaii. The Humuhumunukunukuapua’a.