25 Pictures Make You Happy Today… Seriously!

Why the long face? Here, these 25 pictures will make any frown into a big fat smile. Be prepared to be happy today…1-Smile


3-Comfort dogs arrive in Boston to help the victims

4-Romeo and Juliet

5-My buddy's reaction after his best friend was returned from rabies quarantine after an angry neighbor faked a dog bite and reported it to animal control.

6-Baby elephant and his mom

7-she wouldn't sleep alone, so i wrapped a hot water bottle in my shirt and...

8-First love letter from my husband 17 years ago...we've been together for more than half of our lives!

9-Please No.. anything but a bath!

10-My mom rescued a baby kitten, one day old, near our house and raised it. It learned everything from her, including eating with its hands.

11-He was excited to be outside after a recent surgery.

12-My sister was in China for a year, when she for back her cat wouldn't let go of her.