25 Ridiculously Photogenic Pictures of People and Animals

Some people just cannot look bad in photos, even in any kind of sticky situation. While other people just look hideous no matter how hard they try to duckface in photos. Here are 25 ridiculously photogenic pics of people and animals….0-Ridiculously Photogenic

1-Ridiculously Photogenic

2-Ridiculously Photogenic

3-Ridiculously Photogenic

4-Ridiculously Photogenic

5-Ridiculously Photogenic

6.1-Ridiculously Photogenic

6.2-Ridiculously Photogenic

7-Ridiculously Photogenic

8-Ridiculously Photogenic

9-Ridiculously Photogenic

10-Ridiculously Photogenic

11-Ridiculously Photogenic

12-Ridiculously PhotogenicLOL