A Trip Around The World – The Weird – Cool – Places – Things!

Thankfully, the internet allows us to see these cool places around the world right from our bedrooms…

London UK

 Westminister Abbey

Persepolis Iran

Ancient ruins of the Achaemenid Empire from over 2,500 years ago

Tehran Iran

Fresh pistachios is a favored snack in Iran!

Kunming China

Jing Bi Gate

Beijing China

Chinese crepe for breakfast

Tehran Iran

Azadi Tower the “Gateway of Iran”

Lukla Nepal

Most dangerous airport in the world. The flight I took from Kathmandu to Lukla crashed 3 weeks later, killing all 19 people on board.

Kunming China

Home cooking. Deep fried bee larvae. Tastes like the best pistachio x 100.

Loboche Nepal

4950 m. Drying yak dungs to burn as fuel. No trees at this altitude.

Yazd Iran

Wind tower and mud houses

Gorak Shep Nepal

Nice view of Mt. Everest from Kala Patthar at 5300.