Amazing Facts and Figures of The Amazon Rainforest

If you ask most kids what is Amazon, they may possibly reply that it is a huge shopping site online. But the REAL AMAZON is also huge and actually really really incredible. Check out these amazing facts about the Amazon Rainforest.


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Plant Diversity: In every 2.47 acres of Amazonia, there are 1500 plant species.


Animal Diversity: There are 300 non-lizard reptile species, 175 lizard species, 500 mammalian species, and 1/3 of the world’s birds in the Amazon Rainforest.

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It is estimated that in rainforests around the world, 150 acres of rainforest are burned every minute and 130 animal, plant, and insect species are lost every day.

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An entire 20% of Earth’s oxygen is derived from the Amazon Rainforest alone.


The Amazon Rainforest receives an entire nine feet of rain every year.


Most of the Amazon River’s water is from the glacial melt in the Peruvian Andes.The river has 16% of all of the world’s river water


The rainforest covers 1.2 billion acres and is 2.5 million square miles. It covers more thanhalf of Brazil and 2/5ths of South America.


The Amazon River once poured into the Pacific Ocean. When the Andes Mountains were formed 15 million years ago, the Amazon River’s flow was slowly blocked until freshwater lakes were forced to be formed.