Biggest Mistakes Parents Can Make In Raising Their Children (Images)

parents mistake

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Being inconsistent or not following through. Kids will learn, and empty “threats” will be useless.

 Parents mistake001

Not encouraging them to ask questions.

 Parents mistake002

Sheltering them from things that will be a huge part of their lives as adults. Things like life skills, personal safety skills, relationship skills, and critical thinking skills.

 Parents mistake003

Refusing to believe that their child ever does any wrong.

 Parents mistake004

Using them against the other parent and taking out their anger on the kid.

 Parents mistake005

Not letting them fail, like little baby birds learning to fly

 Parents mistake006

Only giving them negative feedback and forgetting to praise them. It will scar them forever.

 Parents mistake007

Giving them everything they point at.

 Parents mistake008

Letting them think they are the center of the universe. They may be the center of your world but they need to know how to be a member of society.


Not teaching them manners at a young age. You can get a long way in life by being polite and courteous.

 Parents mistake010

Trying to earn their friendship instead of their respect.

 Parents mistake011

Not letting their teen have any freedom, until they go off to college and crash and burn

 Parents mistake012

Tell them how you catch them lying.

 Parents mistake013

Do their children’s thinking for them. Let them come to their own conclusions.

 Parents mistake014

Force them into activities they do not want to partake in, just so the parent can live vicariously through them.

 Parents mistake015

you should not tell a child that he/she is “so smart,” and instead commend their hard work.


Ruining their dreams at a young age.

 Parents mistake017

Living your unfufilled dreams through your kids. Its their life, you’ve had your chance.

 Parents mistake018

Kids want your love but they like to have fun too. It’s important to set boundaries but also be forgiving.

 Parents mistake019

When kids are proud of something and show it to you, like a drawing or something, and you just act uninterested or critique it.

 Parents mistake020

Teaching them what to think instead of how to think.

 Parents mistake021

Not finding the right balance between discipline and praise. Most messed up kids

Parents mistake022