Dead car battery? Try to Clean Your Car Battery First

Think you have a dead car battery?

Before going out and spending around $100 replacing a car battery, why not try to clean the batter first. Battery corrosion, formed by acid condensation can prevent your car from starting up properly. Good thing is that it can be cleaned with a regular compound solution, just use baking soda and water.

Watch this video on how to clean your car battery…

Step 1. First thing you’ll definitely need to do is gather the needed supplies. The conventional tools you will need are a set of safety glasses to protect your eyes, gloves, flexible pliers, rag, plus a screwdriver, baking soda, and water.

Step 2. Disconnect the battery terminals

Step 3. Clean battery terminals and around the battery with the bristle brush and rag. Use the baking soda and water. 

Step 4. Reassemble battery. 

Step 5. Start your engine

Hopefully by cleaning your car battery, you have successfully revived your batter and saving you some money.