Discover The Extraordinary Facts About The Human Body

Don’t take the human body for granted. There are some really  REALLY incredible things that our bodies can do that will really surprised you. Go ahead, read on and be amazed at the human body…Long Distance Runner

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When ever your eyes move when you focus on something. Your brain erases the blurry non focused memory of when your eye was actually moving. Because we look around so much, the brain erases roughly 45 minutes each day.


You can see better in low light environments with your peripheral vision.


Numerous times today you could have developed cancer. Sometimes when a cell is about to go cancerous, it will commit suicide to keep itself from harming other cells.


Our total blood volume goes through our kidneys 65 times a day.


Humans are the best long-distance runners in the animal kingdom.

 Long Distance Runner

When a pregnant woman has a seizure or heart attack, the fetus will send stem cells to the mother to help restore the damaged cells.