Find a Nice Wife – Get Married – They Say…

Every dude’s dream is to find a nice wife. The perfect wife. Get married and live happily ever after. For some, they are blessed with their great find, for others, not so….1-My wife believes she is a better driver, I let our dog decide

2-Why I keep a secret tube of toothpaste from my wife and children.

3-My wife found out my office is closing down.

4-My wife laughing at me for tearing up during the first look on our wedding day

6-I bumped my head last night. This is how my wife packed my lunch today

7-My wife and I met Gaston in Disney World last week. The guy was a total dick.

8-My wife's accidental, but perfect timing photo of my daughter kicking me in the nuts.

9-My wife bought a new hairbrush with a suction cup at the end. I found this on the bathroom mirror. I love my wife!

10-Wife sent me to the store for spaghetti sauce. Nothing prepared me for this...

11-So my wife is a contortionist and this is what I came home to today...

12-Wife is out, packing my own lunch this week.