How to Go To Harvard For Free – Anyone Can Take Free College Courses Online!

Yes! It’s true, anyone from anywhere in the world can get access to free college courses online from: Harvard, MIT, and other colleges & universities.

Some even offer certifications for a small fee. Here are 3 of my favorite places to take free college level courses online.

free college courses – A huge site offering college courses from the most prestigious colleges & universities in the world like Harvard & MIT among others. See a list of all the schools here . EDX currently offers 133 college courses from math to finance. This site has it all.

free college – Another huge site offering a vast amount of courses from elementary math to college level courses. I believe this is one of the oldest and most respected free online learning site. 

free courses –  Udacity has only a small amount of courses mostly in math & computer programming.  The lessons are very easy to follow and I love the quizzes. Learning at Udacity is quite fun. This is my favorite site compared to the other two above. Here’s a catalog of all of Udacity’s online courses.

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