How to Improve Gas Mileage – Cheap & Quick Ways to Save Gas

We all know the prices of gas keeps on rising and it hurts like hell every time when we fill up the gas tank.



Here are some cheap & fast ways to save and improve your gas mileage

1) Don’t be too cheap at the pump! It is more efficient to fill up the gas tank all the way full rather than visiting the gas station more often which wastes more gas getting there and time to fill up the tank. 

2) Maintain your tire pressure. Keep the air at the recommended PSI level indicated by the tire manufacturer. Good tires roll more efficiently.

3) Accelerate moderately. You’re not street racing… so there’s never a reason to take off like a rocket from a stop light.

4) Use the air conditioner at about 45+ MPH. The AC takes about 8% of the gas when in used at high power.

5) Park your car in the shade! Yes, gas may evaporate when your car is out in the hot sun all day.

HOT tip*: do not skip on car maintenance as this may come back to bite you hard! Get your regular oil change, clean and or replace air filters, spark plugs, etc. Not only is maintaining your car’s health beneficial to saving you money with gas mileage but will also make your car last much longer.

Recommended Tip: Use Fuel Additives to improve car efficiency