How to Pick a Combination Lock With a Homemade Soda Can Shim

With trial and error there’s approximately over 64,000 combinations for a standard combination lock. So if you forgot your combination lock code, don’t worry, there’s an easy way to pick it open by creating a homemade shim out of a soda can.

Watch the video to see how to pick a combination lock with a homemade shim:

Here are the steps to creating the homemade shim out of a soda can:

Cut out a piece of your soda can into a small rectangle about 3 inches x 2 inches. Then draw this pattern. The “U” shape is approximately 2 cm across.

Cut around the “U” shape.

Fold the top portion down.

Fold the right and left flaps up.

Fold the right and left flaps down to the other side.

You’re basically done now. Just wrap the shim around the lock with the “U” inside pushing downward. While the other hand push the lock upwards with the index finger. Watch the video above to see how it works.