How to Stop Procrastinating Right Now – KISS METHOD!


Procrastinating is like a disease and practically everyone suffers from it. The lucky few that know how to overcome procrastination will move on to do great things in life! Is that enough motivation for you?

There’re many different approaches to dealing with procrastination, below is a step-by-step KISS list to conquering this beast:

Step 1, create a simple list of your tasks and set deadlines for each 1! Remember to KISS (KEEP IT STUPID SIMPLE)! Don’t over-think it, don’t over analyze it!  

Step 2, turn off all distractions, like the TV, instant messengers, facebook. Log off everything you don’t need!

Step 3, take a deep breath, count down from 10, take another deep breath and JUST start doing item #1 on your KISS list! Cut the BS, and just do it! Tell yourself to JUST DO IT!

Extra hot motivational tip! Reward yourself for getting things done early such as watch your favorite TV shows, play video games, or whatever makes you happy and lazy. You deserve it!

 “Don’t wait. The time will never be just right”. ~Napoleon Hill