Life Saving Interesting Facts To Know About (Images)

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If you vomit and it looks like coffee grounds . You need to get to a hospital. You’re bleeding somewhere and it’s reaching your stomach the partially digested blood comes up looking like coffee grounds.

 life saving001

If you ever almost drown to the point of throwing up water or passing out, even if you feel 100% fine, get to a hospital. Your lungs can unwittingly self-fill up with fluid over the next few hours.

 life saving002

If someone is in trouble and you want to leap in to save them, make sure you have a way to get out yourself.

 life saving003

When having a heart attack, you don’t swallow asprin, you chew it.

 life saving004

If you’re ever somewhere really high (e.g. hiking) and you hear crunchy/crinkling noises in the air and/or feel static electricity (like your hair standing up), get the fuck out of there immediately, lightning is on it’s way.

 life saving005

Never pull out a gun or any weapon unless you are prepared to kill or die. Weapons escalate the situation to another level. If you have a weapon, intend to use it and risk having it used on you.


It is extremely difficult to hit a moving target. If somebody is trying to shoot you, keep moving, change directions unexpectedly, roll on the ground and get up again.

 life saving007

If you’re lost in the wilderness, go where water flows. Humanity has set up shop near water for millienia.

 life saving008

If you get into a car accident or get hit by a car, even though you may feel okay… do not leave the scene or refuse care. You may have a head injury, whether it is a concussion or a subdural hematoma.

 life saving009

Don’t walk down the stairs with your hands in your pockets

 life saving010

Hitting a shark on the nose is not really the most effective way to beat it.

 life saving011

If someone is having a seizure, don’t put something in their mouth. They can choke on it.

 life saving012

If you get itchy or develop a rash after eating a food, using a product, or taking a medication, stay away from it. The next time you ingest it you could have a full-blown reaction.

 life saving013

Never assume that criminals are stupid or that you can outsmart them.

 life saving014

Carry some non-coated aspirin with you.

 life saving015

To immediately stop a dog attack (dog attacking somebody else), grasp the hind legs of the attacking dog very firmly, and pull straight up in the air, then walk backwards.

 life saving016

Kangaroos can’t move backwards.

 life saving017

If you plan a long boat trip, pack vitamin c and fresh fruit.

 life saving018

In an aircraft emergency, during evacuation, climb over your seat then “swim” across the tops of the seats if the aisle is clogged with panicking passengers.

 life saving019

Learn swimming.

 life saving020

If you are lost somewhere and its just desert like outside hardly any water and you need liquid, never drink from still water, always go for running water as it has a fresh source.

 life saving021

Police learn in their training, that if you ever lose sight of a vehicle you are chasing, turn right. Suspects always turn right. So turn left.