Natural Remedies for Allergy Relief – Onions and Peppers


The obvious way to treat allergies (hay fever) is to take some kind of allergy medication. The disadvantage to using such medications are the side effects, not to mention you have to keep on using them for allergy relief.

For those who don’t want to take allergy medications for the rest of their lives, here are a couple of simple and effective natural remedies for allergy relief.

Cayenne peppers
contain vitamins and minerals which can really help your body fight hay fever symptoms. Cook food with cayenne peppers, srpinkle it in food, or eat it as is. It may be spicy to some, but give it a try and see if it helps to relieve your allergy symptoms. 

Green onions
(scallions), is another natural remedy for allergies. Similar to cayenne pepper, green onions also possess minerals and vitamins needed to fight common allergy symptoms. 

Cayenne peppers and green onions not only can relieve common allergy symptoms but are also quite nutritious. It may or may not help fight your allergy symptoms, but it’s good for you so why not try it.