Some Really Complicated Things Explained In 10 Words or Less

The world is full of complications. Why make things so difficult to understand? Here are some of the toughest things in science and other areas of smart people, explained cleverly in simple language of just 10 words or less.

The different between poison and venom. 
Bitten and you die = venomous. This means if you are bitten by a cobra, you die.
Bite and you die = poisonous. This means if you bite or sometimes even touch this poisonous thing, then you die. 


Cancer is what happens when cells forget how to die.


Rocket Science: gas has mass 1

Orbits: Falling sideways so fast, you continually miss the ground.


Nuclear reactor: hot rock boil water, steam make power.


programming: If this, do this – the rest is just syntax


Google – an algorithm to show you what other people wanted.


Suck, squeeze, bang, blow, gasoline will make you go.