Somewhere Someone in This World is Having a BLAST…!

This is a positive post to help you stay… positive. For someone somewhere in this world is having the time of their lives. You can be next…why not?
1-Somewhere, someone is having the best day of their life

2-Somewhere, someone is getting Out of the Bed.

3-Somewhere, someone is making a new friend.

4-Somewhere, someone knows that It is not always about winning.

5-Somewhere, someone wants a peanut.

6-Somewhere, someone is sorry for what he did.

7-Somewhere, someone loves his pet chicken.

8-Somewhere, someone has set up a lemonade stand to help Boston.

9-Somewhere, someone sending their condolences to Boston.

10-Somewhere, someone knows how to enjoy every moment.

11-Somewhere, someone is making a helicopter fan for his son.

12-Somewhere, someone don't wants to go home.