The Best Weight Loss Plan Ever- KISS Method

The 3 Secret keys to losing all the weight you will ever need to lose are: #1 motivation, #2 diet, and  #3 exercise.

No magic weight loss pills, no fat burning sprays, no weight loss creams, no overnight miracles!

We present to you the best weight loss plan ever, our KISS (Keep it simple, stupid) method.

KISS #1. Motivation

Why do you NEED to lose weight?
So you can fit in your wedding dress? So you can be happier? For your family? For…..?

Write the answer to this question down and look at it everyday.

Keep a weight loss record, like a daily journal or even video record yourself  everyday.  Include anything that has helped you get closer to your weight loss goals. “I’ve taken the stairs instead of the elevator today.” “I’ve finally done 5 push ups for the first time ever!”  “I went a whole day without eating snacks!”

Whenever you feel like quitting, take a look at all the work you’ve already put in, it makes it harder to quit.

Keep motivating yourself EVERY SINGLE DAY!

KISS #2. Diet
mid section view of a woman cutting vegetables

I’m not the first one to tell you this… STAY AWAY from fattening foods (i.e bacon, doughnuts, cupcakes, Big Mac). 

Say hello to your new best friends: fruits and vegetables. YES! Anytime you feel like snacking, eat an apple, banana, or something that doesn’t go “moo” or “oink”. You got lots of choices here.

You must control how much you eat. You have to eat less, there’s just no other way around it! If you normally eat 2 burgers with fries,  an apple pie, and a soft drink everyday for lunch. Then try to eat just 1 burger, a salad, and just drink water. You don’t have to do this instantly, but gradually work your way to eating less and less everyday.

KISS #3. Exercise
Best Weight Loss Plan 2

People hate this the most. Exercising takes a lot of work and a lot of time. However, without exercising you cannot possibly achieve your weight loss goals.

You can try to make exercising fun by doing it with other people like joining a weight loss fitness club. That way you’ll exercise with other people looking to achieve similar goals and the group will keep you motivated. 

Other fun things : playing a sport (Poker is not a sport!), hiking, biking, or just walking in the park. 

If you’re sweating, then you’re doing it right!

Weight Loss Success Story

It’s gonna be a long journey to achieve your weight loss goals. But you can make it hard or you can make it easy and fun. It’s really up to you. Watch this highly motivational weight loss video below, bookmark it, and watch it anytime you need some motivation.

Thanks for reading the best weight loss plan ever!