There Are Funny People Doing Funny Things – Amurica! (27 Photos)

Some people just have a strong sense of humor, and they will go to the ends of the Earth just to get a cheap laugh out of people. Here are some fine examples of funny people doing funny things…There is a really good chance that most of these people are indeed from Amurica!0-Either someone at the office has a sense of humor... or we are sooooo fucked

1-Someone rolled a GIANT snowball into the streets of madison

2-Someone is upset...

3-Someone in our office never clears up properly after shredding. Came in to this today.

4-Someone had to do it

5-Someone keeps painting Gumby on my campus, the school does not appreciate the location.

6-When someone from another state asks what places are fun near me.

7-Someone must have found one of the lectures really boring...

8-Someone tied up two of their kids outside the coffee shop this morning

9-Someone has a problem with this washing machine.4

10-A friend also found someone in the Louvre

11-Someone left their wallet on the subway.

12-Um, someone clearly didn't do the required research. .