Tip: How to Make Your Phone Battery Last Longer


My phone has died many times, and I’m sure your phone has died before too…due to a dead phone battery. Sometimes, we forget to charge the phone or we just use too many apps and the battery power just gets drained quickly away. 

Here are some quick and easy tips to make your phone battery last longer.

Don’t use both vibrate and ringtone when receiving calls. Vibration takes more power. You only need the ringtone, and don’t set it so loud either.

Don’t turn on the phone’s back light feature. Or set it to automatic. The back light helps you see the phone screen in broad daylight. If you can see your phone just fine without the back light, you can save some battery power here.

Use a lower brightness setting. The brighter the screen, the more battery power it consumes.

Turn off all the other wireless features you don’t use. These are something that you may not use as often, so turn off: bluetooth, GPS, and wifi.

Don’t plug in and charge your phone all night. Overcharging may actually harm your battery. Charge your phone when it is around 25%, let it charge for about an hour or until it’s full then unplug.

Lastly, if you battery just dies too quickly, like in an hour after being charged. It’s time to get a new phone battery.