My brother failed the Bar exam.. Therefore Fail Cake!

Fail Cake

Going to college is a dream and a status symbol for a lot of people. Get educated and you can make the big bucks later in life. However, people experience college in different ways, the good studious way, the lazy way, and the retard drunken way…           […]

The Truth About College in America – You Lazy Drunks!

So I imagine being a cake decorator takes zero knowledge by the looks of these fail pictures. I’m guessing when they call to say what they want on their cakes,…

Just Fire these Cake Decorators Already

Google is always trying to be your best friend. The kind of friend that knows what you are thinking and trying to complete your sentences at any chance they get. Kinda creepy. Google Autocomplete is exactly that, it tries to guess and complete your search phrase with just a few keywords […]

Google Autocompletes Me – People Searching The Darnest Things!

Graham Ryder, 51, was left with a cluster of deep scars across the top of his head following an attempted hair transplant, and electrolysis in an attempt to fix it.

Hair Transplantation Fail (5 photos)

If you live anywhere with a fast food joint, then there will likely be some kind of drive thru for taking your order. Most people go through drive thru’s with cars, others….                    

29 of The Most Unusual Drive Thru’s