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What appears in our brains is nothing more than fantasies. What you expect when looking at yourself is only based on your own perception. When others look at you, it is a totally different reality. Sometimes bad, sometimes good, and other times stupendously hilarious…             […]

Life is Not What it Seems – Hilarious Expectation vs ...

Back then when the internet wasn’t around or having a camera phone at your finger tips; people were still people, they took funny & bizarre  photos of animals and their pets. If these photos were taken today, they would surely go viral too…               […]

27 Crazy Vintage Photos Of Animals From The Past

We all know that the sky can bestow rain, snow, among other naturally normal things. But here are some of the most bizarre things to have fallen from above… Nondairy whitener: In Chester, South Carolina, the falling of cream for coffee falling from the sky was a usual occurrence. This happened […]

10 Totally Bizarre Things That Have Fallen From The Sky