Some really cool animals that are real and yet you’ve probably never even heard about. You may like Awwducational (25 Images) The Saiga Antelope Club-winged Manakin makes a pinging sound with its wings. Chinese Water deer are two-foot tall deer with big ol’ vampire fangs Pyura Chilensis is an […]

Strange and Weird Animals That You Didn’t Know Exist!

Some awesome optical illusions that will blow your mind. Some of these illusions are pure computer trickery, but some are created in real-life. Can you identify where in each of these pictures are the impossibilities?            

Simply Mind Bending IMPOSSIBLE Illusions

Some myths are just too weird, too expensive, or just impossible to prove or bust. What do you think of these highly strange myths…? Oh yeah, the last myth will surely get you! Does a F1 car really generate so much downforce to drive on the ceiling?   Phone, Alcohol, […]

Strange Myths That Mythbusters Should Test – The Last One ...