Fear is natural and normal. For some people, they fear the weirdest things. Here are some phobias that are just plainly strange… You May Like 25 The Best Pictures To Make You lol Agyrophobia Is The Phobia Of : Streets or crossing the street Ambulophobia Is The Phobia Of: Walking […]

25 Weirdest Phobias You’ve Never Heard Of.. Fear of Girls!?

In this tree, there is one of the most extraordinary plant predators….

Tired Of David

Are you a Batman Joker fan? It doesn’t matter, you’ll be simply impressed with these 20 amazing fan art. There is a vein of cruelty that runs through most of what the Joker does. He never goes the easy route, though. He is not the “shoot you in the head” […]

Some Really Amazing Batman’s Joker Fan Art (20 Pics)